Rich Seyna


Get to know me.

Passions & Hobbies
Spending time and traveling with my wife
Teaching and mentoring men
Doing White Mountain puzzles in the winter

Life Changing Moment
I fully dedicated my life to Jesus years ago when I was in the Navy.
That began a life-transforming journey that continues to this day.

Favorite Bible Story
The creation of the world in Genesis 1.
God created a whole universe for us because of His love.
There is such an amazing amount of detail.
We are astounded as we discover new things every day that have been there all along.

What I want my Legacy to be
That I was known to be a faithful man of God and helped others grow in their knowledge and dedication to God.

People who had a Significant Impact on my Life
Dawson Trotman, who inspired me to stay focused on the Big Job.

People would be Surprised to know that
I used to play the Irish Uilleann bagpipes and the tin whistle.

I am married to Vonda, a truly amazing woman
We have three adult children (Ben, Josh and Emily) and
three grandchildren (Ezra, Ayla, and Kingston)

Favorite Music
Celtic (Irish/Scottish)
Classical (the good stuff - before 1800)

Favorite Sports Team
None - Not a big sports fan

First graduating class of Fairport High School 1973
A.S. in Electrical Engineering
10 years in the Navy