For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:21
A Giving Envelope Number is assigned to those of you who would like to support Journey Christian Church and its ministries on a regular basis throughout the year and get a tax receipt for your contribution(s). If you do not have a giving number yet, please contact the office,, 865-5505.

Each envelope number is unique and is part of our double-blind giving system (see below) used at Journey for many years. Only you and the Lord know how much you give during the year.

Please note that if you donate using a charge card online, the amount of the donation is after the charge card fees have been taken out. Journey is charged a fee for the transaction depending on the card or method used. This charge goes directly to the web host and/or charge card company before it is deposited into Journey’s account.

Giving to Journey

The ‘General Fund’ section is used for the core ministries at Journey. This includes things such as pastor’s salaries, secretarial and custodial support, building upkeep and utilities, and ministry funds.

The ‘Mission’ section supports our core missionaries or focused partnerships.

The ‘Deacons Fund’ is used to address the needs of the body at Journey.

The ‘Other’ section of the envelope is for designating a portion (or all) of your offering for a special purpose. Simply enter the fund name and the amount of your donation.

All designated donations will be honored to the best of our ability.

Journey's Double-Blind Giving System

All of your giving through the use of your envelope number, will be included on the end of year tax receipt. The total amount given during the year is recorded by an envelope number which is kept apart from the names. The Trustees and Treasurer know the names and envelope number, but not the total given. The Financial Secretary tracks the total amounts given by envelope number and has no knowledge of the names, and will provide a tax receipt at the end of the year in a sealed envelope with your envelope number on the outside. The Treasurer will then identify the individual by envelope number and place the sealed receipt in your mailbox.