Journey Groups

This is our small group ministry, where we partner together as followers of Jesus to grow in our faith, share life, and carry out our mission TOGETHER.

Our ultimate goal:
To glorify God, accomplish the good of all people and experience full joy in Christ.

How are we going to do that:
By making more and better disciples by the Gospel, through the way we live in community together.

Our Biblical inspiration:
Acts 2:42-47

Who we want to be:
We want to be a people...

In awe of God (vs. 43)
• A humble sense of wonder and reverence toward God

With glad and generous hearts (vs. 46b)
• A joy in God that leads us to be generous towards each other

What we want to do:
We want to be a people who...

Devote ourselves to Jesus (vs.42)
• To studying, applying and living out God's Truth from the Bible.
• To partnering together with others as we follow Christ.
• To remembering what Christ has done for us.
• To praying individually and together.

Share all things together (vs.44-45)
• Give resources and time to lovingly care for one another.

Praise God Together (vs.47)
• To express our affection and admiration to God in response to who He is and what He's done.

What we hope to see:
We hope to see...

The world look on our loving community with favor (vs. 47)
• That we would lovingly live together in a way the world can’t help but see and affirm.

The Lord add to our number (vs.47)
• That God would lead all of his followers, both new believers and seasoned believers, to join us in community.

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