We Exist to Make More and Better Disciples by the Gospel for the Glory of God.

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Whether you want to serve on Sundays, or throughout the week, we would love to have a chat with you to find a place to serve or volunteer. Feel free to fill out the form on our Contact page.
There are times in our lives when we want to talk to someone about "what's going on" and "what we should do". If you'd like to talk to a Pastor, feel free to Contact us and a Pastor will get in touch.
Going to church on Sundays is never enough, be part of a local church community that will help you on your journey and walk with Christ. Visit our Events page to get connected.
We'd love to help. Email us at office@journeyontheweb.org or fill out the form on the Contact page and someone will get in touch.
"Journey is my church because my Pastors equip me with the truth of God’s word along with Biblical History and the culture of the day. All of this prepares me with a strong walk of faith to serve the Lord and His people."

Ingrid K.

"Journey is my church because of its warm, family-friendly nature and dedication to solid scriptural teaching."

Rich S.

"Journey is my church because God's Word is preached/taught, Jesus is exalted, the people here desire to know God and do His will inside and outside of the church."

Nathan H.

"Journey is my church because I find truth and hope through the preaching and I find family and encouragement through its people."