Denis Johnson

Lead Pastor / Elder

Get to know me.

Passions & Hobbies
I enjoy walking, which gives me a good excuse/reason to play numerous rounds of golf every spring and summer.

Life Changing Moment
Receiving Christ as Savior at the end of junior high school. I was in church every Sunday, and never missed a youth group meeting in three years. I was trained and taught a Sunday school class, and witnessed and led others to Christ before I received Him for myself.

What I want my Legacy to be
I want my legacy to be that my children and grandchildren walk closely with the Lord.

People who had a Significant Impact on my Life
My cousin, Floyd Wheeler, who served on a short term mission team and began preaching at age 16. We spent many years ministering together before I moved to Rochester.

People would be Surprised to know that…
I played trombone in band in elementary and junior high school.

I was raised by a single Mom, along with an older brother, David, and a younger sister, Darlene. My oldest two brothers did not live with the three of us for most of our growing years.

I have been married to Cheryl for 43 years and we have four children; one who we never got to meet due to a miscarriage, Cheri’ who died after living only two days, Denis Jr. who is married and has two children, and Deanna. Denis and Deanna live in Gates.

Favorite Music
I grew up listening to and singing hymns, which I still love today. I enjoy listening to classical music, the Beethoven being my favorite, and I love contemporary gospel music.

Favorite Sports Team
All Philadelphia professional teams, with the Eagles leading the way as my favorite.

I graduated from high school in Philadelphia, Pa.
Attended the recently closed Grace University in Omaha, NE
Graduated from Monroe Community College, AA
University of Rochester, BA and one year of grad school in history
Northeastern Seminary, MA