Dan Prouty


Get to know me.

Passions & Hobbies
I have a passion for teaching children the Word of God. My main hobby is LEGO building of course, I love building old cars and planes from scratch. I also like woodworking, gardening and camping.

Life Changing Moment
I dedicated my life to the Lord at Mid-State Baptist camp when I was 13. I was so glad that the speaker there laid out the simple call from the Lord to follow God with 100% of my life.  God has used that calling many times to lead me down his paths.

Favorite Bible Story
Not to be self serving but I do love the book of Daniel.  His courage and faithfulness in the face such opposition and discouragement is a great example to me.  I also love how God was still at work in the mightiest of ways even in the midst of their exile and the utter failure of the God’s chosen people.

What I want my Legacy to be
To hear “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” when I stand before Jesus.

People who had a Significant Impact on my Life
Hudson Taylor, I have taught a children’s version of his Biography many times and it made a big impact on me during my high school and college years. God used this man to change the world for millions upon millions of Chinese people.

People would be Surprised to know that…
I am a (very rusty) drummer.  When Lydia was an infant I used to play in a Christian band called the Boltons and in the traditional worship service at my previous church. My absolute favorite part of high school was playing percussion in marching band.

I grew up in a tiny town near Binghamton called Bainbridge. My parents have gone to heaven already. Rebecca is from Lockport over by Niagara Falls. We met during college through some mutual friends and became very good friends while we led the clown ministry team together.  (Yes I have often worn clown shoes and a wig in church) We were engaged during our senior year and married the following December. I am unspeakably grateful that the Lord brought us together. Our daughter Lydia was born in 2002 and has been a delight and a gift to us. We are blessed to see her seeking the Lord as she is beginning to strike out on her own.

Favorite Music
I grew up on 80’s alternative but the Newsboys and U2 are long time favorites.

Favorite Sports Team
I watch occasionally and enjoy playing sports a bit more but I’m not really a sports guy.

I lived in the same house for my entire childhood. My dad was the elementary school principal and my mom was a teacher in our tiny town, so I had to be good :). I went to Houghton College in another tiny town and earned a degree in Bible. After that I took a semester of training with Child Evangelism Fellowship before I began full time ministry with them in 1995.