Tony Cassara


Passions & Hobbies
– Spending time with my family & friends
– International travel
– Fishing/boating

Life changing moment
– When God opened the eyes of my heart to believe in Jesus

Favorite Bible Story
– Too hard of a question
– But probably the crucifixion of Jesus, and His rising from the dead. No one saw it coming, but it changed everything

What I want my legacy to be
– That I walked faithfully with the Lord until my last day.

Person who had a significant impact on my life
– Jesus
– Carol

People would be surprised to know that…
– I was named to the All Greater Rochester Football team in High School

– 50% Italian; 50% Romanian
– Married to Carol for 42 years
– 3 Children; 11 grandchildren
– Joe (son) & Katie, Liam, Brett, Ella, Levi, Emily
– Pete (son) & Niki, Logan, Eli, Joe, Chris, Isaac, Ethan
– Amy (daughter)

Favorite Music
– Christian
– Bluegrass/Newgrass
– 70s

Favorite Sports Team
– Rochester Red Wings
– Buffalo Bills

– Bachelor of Science (double major in Psychology & Business) – SUNY Plattsburgh
– Masters in Business Administration – Boston Collage Carroll School of Management