Jake Buss

Associate Pastor

Passions & Hobbies
Preaching and teaching God’s Word, discipling the next generation, leading the people of God in musical worship, cultivating and pursuing Biblical community. Music (making it, listening to it or writing it), playing sports (volleyball and pickleball are my favorites), writing and chess.

Life changing moment
September 2011-September 2012 = The most challenging season of my life up until that point, where God called me to leave behind everything
that I had ever known and loved to follow His calling for my life to serve His church. My entire identity was deconstructed and Christ led
me to truly find my identity in Him alone. To top it all off, I met my beloved bride and we got married September 9th, 2012.

Favorite Bible Story
Gideon (Judges 6-8) – that God took a man filled with a fearful sense of inadequacy and perfectly demonstrated his strength in Gideon’s weakness by ironically choosing, empowering and granting him victory over the Midianites with only three-hundred men.

What I want my legacy to be
That I would faithfully lead and care for my family and the Church for the glory of God and the good of all people until the day I die.

Person who had a significant impact on my life
There are so many, but if I had to choose only a few I would say…
1) My wife: her presence in my life spurs me on to be more like Christ and I see the Gospel work in power through my relationship with her
all the time.

2) Dave Meyers: He is my “Jonathan” (1 Samuel 18:1). His friendship, accountability, and encouragement was a vessel of God’s truth and
grace throughout my time in college where the Lord did a lot of work to shape me as a man and servant in ministry.

3) My parents: They were living examples of the Gospel by not just dealing with me in my vast challenges growing up, but they loved me
and supported me through it all. I am the man, leader and follower of Christ because they raised me up in the way that I should go, even
when I put them through quite a number of emotional roller coasters.

4) Steve Matson: He has been a faithful mentor and friend throughout my time at Journey. He has been teaching me how to be a better leader,
husband, father, and preacher as I’ve been navigating through life in ministry. His example and his intentional-discipleship in my life have played a huge part in what God has been doing to develop my gifts and help me grow as a man and pastor.

People would be surprised to know that…
I’m actually very introverted and shy. I still get this nauseous feeling in my stomach whenever I have to get up in front of people.

My wife Samantha, my daughter Alethea aka “Thea” and my son Ezekiel aka “Zeke”.

Favorite Music
It literally changes almost on a weekly basis, but I listen to everything from classical to alternative rock and pretty much everything in between.

Favorite Sports Team
I just like watching a good game in whatever sport so I don’t have a favorite team, with the exception of Team USA in the Olympics, World-cup, and other International competitions.

I graduated from Hilton High School, and I graduated from Waynesburg University with a double Bachelor’s in Music Ministry and Creative Writing. Since then, I have gone through seminary level pastoral training and continue to read, listen, and engage in online training.