Dennis Hobbs

Associate Pastor of Family Ministries

Passions & Hobbies

Studying language(s)
Anything that gets me outdoors

Life changing moment

Deciding to go in to ministry while I was in college
Meeting my wife, Emily, while playing cards

Favorite Bible Story

Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene in the garden after his resurrection (John 21:11-18). This is such a beautifully moving and compelling scene and it fills me with joy every time I read it.

What I want my legacy to be

Zinzendorf’s maxim: “Preach the Gospel, die, be forgotten.”

Person who had a significant impact on my life

My parents

People would be surprised to know that…

I grew up in Mexico….Missouri!


I am married to my wonderful wife, Emily, and we have two children: Jonathan, 3, and Penelope (Penny), 1

Favorite Music

Bach- his motets are filled with rich theology, faith, and heart-moving praise
Beethoven- nobody makes me feel their music as much
The Beatles- masters of catchy tunes that I actually enjoy having stuck in my head

Favorite Sports Team

Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Cardinals


Master of Divinity, Covenant Theological Seminary